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Cranston Republican City Committee Announces Endorsements for City Council

The Cranston Republican City Committee has announced the endorsement of a number of candidates for Cranston City Council for the November election.

“We are proud to announce our endorsement of these fine people for the office of City Council. We fielded a diverse, dedicated and talented team focused on Cranston’s well-being, financial health, and business growth. These candidates are committed to combating the leftist, radical, progressive agenda that has taken the City’s Democratic Party hostage, and keeping the focus on representing the everyday taxpayer. Make no mistake, these candidates are by far, the most qualified, most representative and quite simply the best candidates for the job of putting the people’s well being and prosperity before anything else,” said City Committee Chair, Christopher E. Buonanno.

The committee is endorsing the following candidates:

  • Council President Michael J. Farina – City Wide

  • Councilman Kenneth J. Hopkins – City Wide

  • Amy L. Ricci – City Wide

  • Christopher Sparks – Ward 1

  • Derik Tutt – Ward 3

  • Councilman Edward J. Brady – Ward 4

  • Councilman Christopher G. Paplauskas – Ward 5

  • Council Vice President Michael W. Favicchio – Ward 6

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