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Cranston Panhandling Case Goes To Municipal Court

Homeless advocates say Cranston's ordinance is unconstitutional. They're in municipal court on Tuesday.

CRANSTON, RI — Last March numerous "panhandlers" were issued tickets for protesting the ordinance by panhandling, according to Karen Jeffreys, homeless advocate. Eight tickets were issued to protesters with the charge of “pedestrians on freeways,” which is a traffic citation. Also, seven City of Cranston tickets were given for “solicitation on roadways prohibited,” which violated a city ordinance.

"The first of the court dates happened a few weeks ago, and advocates scored a victory when the court dismissed the state's charges," she said, referring to the hearings in state traffic court.

But on Tuesday, June 6, the arena changes to municipal court, where the people arrested during a protest plan to challenge the City of Cranston on whether its new ordinance is constitutional. The hearing is set for 9 a.m. in Cranston Municipal Court, 5 Garfield Ave., Cranston.

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